A practising designer, author, and teacher with deep subject expertise in the Strategic Design and Foresight sectors - equally at home discussing design, philosophy, anthropology/ethnography, and technology as he is discussing business - Manuhuia is an innovative and inspirational design leader who challenges and energizes teams and individuals to enable them to engage in ‘big picture’ thinking. 

A natural connector, Manuhuia spans cultural, ethnic, religious and national boundaries to bring fresh perspectives on how organizations and individuals can work together to create mutual value. 

In his personal and professional life he strives to design and create spaces of human flourishing. In doing this he works to embody the spirit of the whakatauki (proverbial saying) written for his mother by her parent’s family friend, the Maori statesman, Sir Apirana Ngata:

E tipu, e rea, mo nga ra o tou ao; 

ko to ringaringa ki nga rakau a te Pakeha hei oranga mo tou tinana;

ko to ngakau ki nga taonga o ou tipuna hei tikitiki mo tou mahunga;

Ko to wairua ki to Atua,

nana nei nga mea katoa.

Grow tender shoot for the days of your world;

Turn your hand to the tools of the Pakeha (Westerner) for the wellbeing of your body;

Turn your heart to the treasures of your ancestors as a diadem for your crown;

Give your soul unto the Creator,

the author of all things.

On this site you'll find links to his writings and the various initiatives in which he's involved.